Merrimac Corporation was founded in 1989 as a single family office investing in hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, and direct real estate.  Our goal is to find interesting investment opportunities across asset classes.  We are constantly looking to build long term relationships with proven investment talent.  For details about our investment process as well as our current interests, get in touch with us.




We are looking for the best investment talent within their area of expertise.  These opportunities can include unconstrained hedge funds as well as traditional long only equity and credit funds.  We have a long history of seeding and investing in a diverse group of hedge fund managers.  We prefer liquid investments with volatility which we manage through diversification across a portfolio of risk factors, including geography, sector and Barra factors.


We are looking for proven top decile managers in private equity and venture capital.  We are building a diversified portfolio of funds across different factors while earning a liquidity premium.  In real estate, we are looking for regional and sector specialists as partners to co-invest in direct real estate opportunities.


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